AISAMMF Prison Ministry, a faith-based organization, an approved  non-profit organization provides a safe haven for women recovering from substance abuse, mental issues, Veterans,  and formerly incarcerated re-entering into society. The following services are provided: twelve-step support group with a sponsor, mental health services, job-ready skills,  creative arts,  entrepreneurship, life skills development, continuing education/GED.


Group counseling, individual counseling on site, and psychotherapy to help with overcoming trust issues, and managing conflict resolution. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or any other basis of discrimination prohibited by law.


      Our Mission

  • To help women discover their core values and a positive attitude that will lead to healing, trust, and empowerment with an emphasis on entrepreneurship.

  • To create an environment for recovering women to feel at ease and safe with rules and guidelines to help structure their lives.

  • Give back to the community through volunteerism, working to connect and develop partnerships, earn money through creative arts, crafting products for trade to markets. 

  • Host community events, workshops, while learning how to do business and management money.

  • Discover your innermost person through meditation, arts, crafts, and other forms of expression.

  • Taking ownership and accountability for our actions; watching our women leave as strong and independent individuals within six months to a year.

  • By  improving self-esteem and developing personal growth initiatives, the women are empowered to enhance their lives of dignity in their communities and families. 


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