• Kavon

The Soul Woman Within

Expressing Inner Beauty Through Creative Arts

It feels good to wake up today. One more chance to praise the Lord for letting me see another day. Praise the Lord, by imagining this day as bright and shiny, filled with good things. As I lay, I breathe in all the energy I can muster. My eyes are closed yet my heart is open to the drumming of the beats, the rhythm of my body. Praise the Lord, by tuning into my machine (body), the one I injured while living out of touch with who I truly am. Praise the Lord, I've been given a second chance and I have learned that this well oiled machine is my paradise. Praise, by loving it with the right touch by the perfect hand, gentle foods that I choose to integrate in and a taste of the perfect water that will flow through to ignite all my inner workings. My mind, my body, my soul belongs to God and the god within me has an obligation to express his/her character outwardly for the good. Expressions of Joy, Peace, Love, Charity, Praise the Lord with all that is within me. Bless his holy name

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